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as the MASS is offered in multiple configurations, all orders are handled as "pre-orders". upon receipt your custom selection will be added to our production schedule with fulfillment determined by individual component inventory). INTRODUCTORY PRICE SUBJECT TO CHANGE W/O NOTICE  * 




the MASS is the most versatile design of its kind. with its three distinct loading positions (center, corners and front / rear) allowing for trap bar, strongman frame and farmer walk use, three standard grip widths (23.00”, 26.00”, 29.00”) and three different grip sizes to choose form (Ø1.50, Ø2.00, Ø2.50) the new MASS offers greater movement variety for more greater training results. plus, along with its 100 lbs starting weight ***, three weight horn choices, dual grip heights and multiple storage options, the MASS is also the most user friendly design of its kind. but like all HAVAK designs . . . it is not for everyone


grips : 
   available diameters 1.50”, 2.00” and 2.50”
   dual height 3.00” +/- loaded barbell height
   width 23.00”, 26.00”, 29.00”

hardware :  
  available with either : 
  removable thermoplastic mag pins or
  secured stainless steel locknuts + bolts

finish :  
  assemblies : 'gold', 'silver' or custom powder-coat *
  grip tubes : black textured powder coat
  weight horns : silver zinc plated

loading configurations ** :
  centered = 
trap bar   
dual (2) weight horns  
rackable * (pending horn + width used) 
  corners = 
strongman frame   
four (4) weight horns  
non rackable * 
  front / rear = 
farmers carry 
four (4) weight horns  
independent left and right (disconnected)

materials :
laser cut 3 gauge (0.25 thick) steel plate
laser cut 7 gauge (0.188 wall) steel tubes (not pipe) 
laser cut 11 guard (0.120 wall) steel tubes (not pipe) 
thermoplastic weight horn caps (not shown) 
product dimensions *** :  
connected unit 9.00” x 26.00” x 35.75”~41.75” 
individual assemblies 9.00” x 8.75" x 26.00”
the above dimensions does not include weight horns    
weight horn (ordering options) **** :
short non-rackable * w/ 9.00” loading space (inc four)
medium rackable * w/ 9.00” loading space (inc two)
long non-rackable * w/ 19.00” loading space (inc two) 


product notes :
* assembly frames are available in yellow zinc (gold), clear zinc (silver) or in select custom powder-coat colors. zinc offers a 'metallic marble-esque' / semi-opaque finish that allows the metal's imperfections to show. HAVAK will forward available color options upon receipt of order for those who choose a custom powder-coat color 

** the MASS is sold standard with one style of weight horns of your choosing. for those who wish to order additional / secondary weight horns, please click here   

*** dimensions and unloaded weight of the MASS vary based on the loading configuration and weight horns selected. please see the above images and contact HAVAK prior to purchase with any further questions 

ability to rack or not rack the MASS is determined by the grip width selected, the loading configuration chosen as well as the weight horns selected (plus the specific rack being used). please contact HAVAK prior to purchase if this particular feature is important and or if you have any questions 


shipping dimensions : TBD
shipping weight : TBD 

sold as a unit comprised of two (2) of grip / loadable assemblies, one (1) rear connecting tube and choice of one (1) style weights horns 


download our product insert here

for more in-depth information on this design, visit the MASS design page here. all MASS orders are handled as "pre-orders". upon receipt of your custom configuration it will be added to the production schedule / fulfillment queue (based on the specific selections stock). all MASS orders are shipped in chronological order . *international shipments* we do not collect customs and taxes at checkout

all MASS orders typically ship WITHOUT a DELIVERY SIGNATURE REQUIRED. to request a NO signature required delivery signature, please add this to your 'order notes' in the shopping cart before check out

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