if there is a quote that exemplifies the starting point of every HAVAK design, it would be that "the world does not need another dumbbell, flat bench or weight rack . . . unless it brings something special to the table"

for us, we are not focused on producing any product that is essentially the same as everything else on the market other than larger bolts or pretty paint. we have zero interest on how big something might be. we leave being 'everything to everyone' to everyone else

HAVAK products are purposefully designed for functionality, versatility and real-world results

while perfectly balanced weights may have their place, the HOOKs allows the lifter to add calculable and controlled chaos to their barbell work through its variable oscillation and multiple accommodating resistance attachment points

our first product, the SLIDERs, may be the most deceiving of all of our designs. their omni-directional movements requires a greater level of muscle control and recruitment than any old-school device that is limited to straight back-and-forth movement

very few things outside of the gym offer an easy to hold, contoured handle that is centered for perfectly balanced lifting. that is why the TRIADs offers three peripherally placed handles of different diameters plus three distinct loading positions for unparalleled load variability far beyond any traditional dumbbell, barbell or kettlebell

to create our designs, HAVAK employs a combination of high tech fabrication machinery with old school craftmanship and finishing techniques. and every one of those steps are performed locally in los angeles

this approach to equipment design and manufacturing makes us different

and we are good with that

because HAVAK is not for everyone