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hand weights have been around for thousands of years. the halteres, the ishi-sashi, the girya (or kettlebell) and of course the common everyday dumbbell. and while each has their benefit, and their place in history, none have changed much since their original inception

nearly all modern hand-weights offer a basic, easy to hold handle with most featuring a single balanced / centered grip position. yet, whether in day to day life, or in a competitive athletic environment, very few things are balanced. few are easy to hold in one hand. most objects & opponents are challenging to control or lift. they are awkward, and difficult to hold or move. knowing this, why workout with equipment that does not offer real-world challenge?

welcome to the HAVAK TRIAD design

every TRIAD product features our proprietary 'traditional, fat grip and strongman' three handle design that allow the lifter the ability to increase or decrease the level of 'holding' difficultly of every exercise without having to change the weight itself. in addition, the design also features the progression and regression of the load itself by simply adjusting how it is held; one hand or two, proximal, distal or ‘racked’ position

whether with our hand-held adjustable TRIADs or our ANGLED XL TRIAD loadable barbell, the combination of variable grip and loading positions allow the user unrivaled lifting customization options. which should beg the question; "can your dumbbell or barbell do that?"

HAVAK TRIADs are designed & built in california 
additional information is available below, with the STEALTH TRIAD product insert viewable here
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design :
   multiple grips
   multiple loading positions
   unparalleled capabilities
grip diameters :
   1.50” traditional grip
   2.25” fat grip
   3.00” strongman grip
handles :
   laser cut 0.25" thick plates
   laser cut 0.12" wall tubing
   textured powder coat finish
loading positions :
   distal (aka away / long lever)
   proximal (aka centered / hand thru)
   racked (aka resting / supported)
questions? curious as to how the kabuki kyubells compare? check out our faq or visit our shop for specific details on each TRIAD product


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