"greater than an ab wheel"

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the use of a rolling platform for exercise and rehabilitation dates back to the 1800s. yet despite advances in manufacturing and our understanding of how the human body is designed to move, most of the 'rollers' used today are still made using low grade materials and basic wheels that only travel in a straight line

but humans are not stick-figures that move in straight lines! we don’t have the luxury of always traveling in a controlled linear path. our bodies flows through space in multiple directions (multi-planar) and can be subjected to unpredictable external forces - at the same time

that is why HAVAK SLIDERs are designed to allow for full, near unrestricted, omni-directional movement. using industrial grade casters mounted to a laser-cut 1/4” thick steel structure, SLIDERs are free to move in every direction - forwards, backwards, side to side and twist (rotate) simultaneously! usable with one or two hands, one foot or both, or all four limbs simultaneously, their freedom of movement goes far beyond just gliding or rolling in a controlled, straight line back and forth

athletics to rehabilitation. static to dynamic movements. ab rollouts, push-ups, lunges and every exercise in between; HAVAK SLIDERs demand greater balance, greater control and greater strength!

our newest HAVAK SLDRs are designed & built in california 
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   free flowing omni-directional unilateral movement
   heavy duty steel construction
   usable on nearly any surface


hardware :
   stainless steel bolts
   nylon-insert lock nuts
   industrial grade swiveling casters

materials :
   laser cut 0.25" thick steel top plate
   laser cut 0.25" thick steel sub plate
   zinc coated finish

product dimensions :
    12.00" diameter x 3.25" height
    weight ~ 5 lbs each
    one pair ships in one box