"controlled chaos"

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throughout history, strength has been revered. the ability for a person to lift or move an object that is seemingly immovable is what legends are made of

unfortunately over time the objects that were once used as the measuring-sticks for feats of strength (animals, logs, stones, etc) have been replaced by balanced and comfortable items including machines which completely control the lifter's movement pattern. and while those “advancement” may allow for “more weight” to be moved, they simply do not offer the real-world challenge of a dynamic and unstable load

so while traditional plates have their place, the HAVAK HOOKs allows the lifter to add controlled and calculable chaos to their barbell work. this is achieved through three key design elements;

primary : instability
loaded onto any olympic barbell the HOOK will oscillate (or swing) dependent upon the type of the exercise being performed, the speed of the exercise being performed as well as which hole is used to connect to the barbell;
: top hole : max swing
: middle hole : medium swing
: bottom hole : minimal swing
this variable instability can be used to increase the difficulty of controlling an exercise when performed at regular speed, or force the user to reduce the speed of an exercise thereby minimizing the HOOK’s movement

secondary : accommodating resistance via chains
when placed on a barbell using either the top or middle holes, the HOOKs allows for easily accessible carabiner connection points for the addition / subtraction of heavy chains without having to remove the HOOKs from the bar

tertiary : accommodating resistance via bands
when placed on a bar using the top hole, the HOOK's 'inverted question mark' design allows for easily access to its centered flat platform for the addition / subtraction of resistance bands without having to remove the HOOKs from the bar

no matter how you choose to use them remember; HAVAK HOOKs are a different animal. they demands greater balance, greater control and greater strength than common balanced weight plates

warning: these are not bumper plates and should not be treated as such. dropping the HOOKs may result in damage to your barbell, the HOOKs and or any other equipment, persons or property in the surrounding area

HAVAK HOOKs are designed & built in california 
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design :
   designed & built in california
   multiple accommodating resistance points
   variable oscillation

barbell holes :
   3.00" steel tube
   2.00" diameter holes
   uhmw sleeve protection 
connection points :
   one (1) 4.25" wide resistance band platform
   three (3) 1.00" diameter carabiner holes
   accessible w/o removal from bar (see loading)

loading position 1 (top):
   ~ 16.00" from ground
   maximum undulation (swing)
   band and carabiner access

loading position 2 (medium) :
  ~ 12.00" from ground
   medium undulation (swing)
   carabiner access

loading position 3 (low):
   ~8.00" from ground
   minimum undulation (swing)
   no band or carabiner access

   laser cut 0.25" + 0.50" thick plates
   laser cut 0.120" wall tubing
   machined 0.375" thick uhmw sleeves  
   metallic marble texture (bottom)  
   textured powder coat finish (top)

product dimensions :
    14.50" length x 1.25" thick x 18.00" height
    15 lbs each
    pair ships in one box

sold as pair